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The Story Behind Resiliscent

Resiliscent is not just a brand; it's a testament to resilience through personal care, born from a deeply personal journey. In this blog post, we unravel the story behind Resiliscent—a story of overcoming severe life challenges, finding hope in the face of adversity, and the transformative power of scents that elevated personal care to a new level.

My journey with Resiliscent began at a time when life threw me an unexpected curveball. A severe injury left me paralyzed, confined to a hospital bed, with survival as my only thought. The doctor's request to move my fingers brought a harsh reality—I could no longer perform what I had taken for granted for years. My radial nerve was damaged. I was told that only time would tell if I would be able to regain movement.

I had to move back home with my family where life became a big challenge. Simple things like eating, showering or even going to the bathroom needed their assistant. It was tough, not just physically but mentally too. Everday was a struggle.

As I started to regain movement in my fingers, excitement filled me, but it didn't erase the lingering anxiety and sadness. Coping with constant anxiety proved to be an extremely difficult challenge, complicating the recovery journey.

With the physical injuries as well as the mental struggle, I found it difficult to care for myself. Amidst the struggle, a tiny yet impactful addition to my daily routine emerged—I discovered the transformative power of scented body oil. Applying a scent that resonated with my emotions became a ritual, creating a positive shift in my self-perception.

It inspired me to want to become a better version of myself. I started creating my own recipe with ingredients that I felt comfortable with and scents that resonated with me. Lo and behold, Resiliscent was born.

The journey from struggle to scented triumph laid the foundation for Resiliscent. It's not just about scents; it's about resilience, hope, and the profound impact of self-care on the mind and soul. Resiliscent stands as a reminder that small, intentional acts, like applying a scented body oil, can lead to monumental shifts in one's journey to recovery.

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